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Best Ecommerce Platform For Drop Shipping in 2019

What is the best eCommerce platform for dropshipping? Choose from one of five hand-picked platforms evaluated for compatibility with selling without inventory.

Drop shipping sounds like the easiest, and perhaps the ideal business plan. With no significant upfront investment required, it’s an appealing option for many looking to break into the entrepreneur world.

However, there are many hurdles you will need to overcome before you become one of those success stories you see on Instagram. The first one being – choosing the right platform to set up, run, and grow your drop shipping business.

So, with that in mind, we’ve set out to test the best ecommerce platforms based on the following features:

  • Support all major dropshipping plugins
  • Order tracking
  • Sync with suppliers inventory
  • Returns
  • One-click product import
  • Order auto-fulfillment
  • Store customization
  • Cost

And found the best 5 ecommerce platforms with drop shipping capabilities to help you find the right solution for your business model.

One of the most powerful ecommerce platforms, Shopify is the go-to choice for beginners who are not technically savvy and are looking to get up and running in minutes.

What we love
Boasting a wide range of advanced integrations and upselling tools, Shopify also recently acquired Oberlo, a drop shipping plugin that makes the product import and order fulfillment a breeze. Among other things, it’s super user-friendly, offers great customer support, CRM integrations, and order tracking.

The downside
Extra integrations and plugins come with an additional charge. There are also transaction fees to think about, which mean it can get expensive for businesses just getting started.

Shopify offers 3 packages ranging from $29.99 to $299 per month plus transaction fees, and a free 14-day trial.

The most popular option for drop shipping vendors, the platform offers a variety of free features to choose from. An excellent place to set up shop for businesses big or small.

What we love
Users have full control over their store, with highly customizable themes and designs. It’s a free and easy to install plugin, that is ideal for users with web development experience. It also comes with auto-dropshipping plugins like AliDropship to make store management easier.

The downside
Although the plugin itself is free, retailers will need to splash out on domains, hosting and any other integrations they may need. It’s not the easiest platform to set up and will require extra effort and skills to design. Steer clear if you lack web developing experience.

WooCommerce is a free plugin that only works with WordPress, but there are additional yearly hosting and domain fees.

Known for its friendly user interface, and a quick store setup, it’s the best alternative option for drop shipping merchants. Packed with many prominent features, it’s a more affordable option than some other ecommerce platforms.

What we love
With the super easy user interface, you can set up your store in minutes. There’s a wide range of free highly customizable designs to choose from that requires no web developing experience. Merchants can also customize shipping, which is a must-have for drop shipping vendors. Among other great features, create custom orders, easily manage inventory, and enjoy no transaction fees.

The downside
There are higher fees for large sellers so it can get expensive in the long run. This is an ideal option for beginners and small businesses.

BigCommerce offers 3 plans ranging from $29 to $250 per month, and a 15-day free trial.

The perfect alternative to Oberlo, Dropified has everything you need to start and grow your dropshipping business. It automates almost every task, saving sellers at least 20 hours per week, leaving them more time to focus on promoting their business.

What we love

Dropified taps into AliExpress, which gives sellers access to thousands of products and suppliers. In addition to that, Dropified works with nearly 100 supplier directories, which means sellers can work with suppliers from anywhere in the world. They have awesome features like auto product price sync, auto product levels sync, ePacket filters, built-in product editor, one-click order fulfillment, unlimited orders per month, a free Chrome extension for effortless product importation and much more.

The downside

There is no free version, which is not ideal for smaller businesses.

You can try it for free for 14 days, and after that, the cheapest plan is $47 per month.

Designed explicitly for drop shipping businesses, the company promises to provide cutting-edge tools and services for drop shipping vendors. You can set up and run your store, or integrate with other ecommerce platforms.

What we love
The platform offers a built-in marketplace so you can start selling as soon as you set up shop. There are a few flexible plans to fit any business size, and it integrates with most popular ecommerce platforms. They offer inventory and order automation, order tracking, sync inventory as well as design and hosting.

The downside
The product catalog is relatively small (1.5 mil products), and there are also steep subscription, handling, and app integration fees to consider.


All the platforms above are excellent for any drop shipping business, but the right one for you depends on your skills and specific needs. So before you set off on your drop shipping adventure, identify what features you will absolutely need, the skills you possess, and go from there. Good luck!

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